Your new BFF's!

When you are officially a member of Badger Future Founders, you can join a team. You will be able to choose from the one of teams (detailed below) depending on what sounds most fun to you! 

You'll be doing real work that directly impacts the growth and development of BFF (which is a GREAT resume booster). Each team is run by one of our wonderful leaders who delegates tasks and leads discussions, so be prepared to actually engage in conversations and do some tasks outside of meetings and school. Our BFFs actually want to learn and be inspired...not just show up to one meeting and put it on their resume!

Image by Domenico Loia


Team leader: Jenna Schoenke

As a "techy" BFF, you have an eye for design and love working with your hands. If you ever start a business in the future, this a great place to start for website building experience. You'll ideate visions for the BFF website and be part of the process that builds, designs, improves, and maintains the entire BFF website (woo!). Great resume/portfolio experience!

Image by Dylan Gillis


Team leader: Jenna Kestan

If you're a person that hates silent elevator rides and always sends the first email to get group projects started, this team may be just the one for you! Here, you'll collaborate and find the most effective ways to communicate details about timelines, logistics, and operations to all of your fellow BFFs. Also - you get to come up with ideas for social events and community events! How fitting!

Image by Markus Winkler


Team Leader: Chris Duffy

We don't expect you to be Professor Mark LaPlante to be a successful member of the finance team, but we welcome all members that are good with numbers! You will handle our club's funds, stretch your minds to come up with creative fundraising ideas, and you'll get experience with securing partnerships. Super helpful in the entrepreneurial world!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Team leader: Ben Klein

What better way to gain actual digital creation experience than to work directly with our social media channels? Together with your team, you will create and schedule consistent content to hype up BFF and increase our engagements. If you have an eye for Instagram posts, YouTube content, podcast topics, and more, join this group! Great experience for starting your own business someday, too!

Image by Ian Schneider


Team leader: Dylan Monfried

You're the BFF with a soft spot for others :') You love seeing the people around you succeed, and you get a ton of satisfaction from knowing you were there to serve them and lift them up to their full potential. As a part of the member success team, you will plan Brain Rush sessions, coordinate member interviews, develop community outreach plans, and create/analyze surveys.

Image by Connor Betts


Team Leader: Nick Krueger

We care about our community, and we want to give back as much as we can! If you love Madison and enjoy serving others, this team will be responsible for researching ideas for local projects and come up with potential ideas for helping out businesses. You and your team will put together a business proposal, pitch it to a company, work on marketing campaigns, and keep note of best practices for our future BFFs.

Image by Tyler Franta


Team leader: Eric Alberts

Real BFFs help each other out and support each other - and that's exactly what you'll be doing in this team. You and your team will build relationships with companies and find internship opportunities for your fellow members. Then, your findings will be posted on our website! In addition, you'll also organize and design workshops for us all to partake in (resume, job interviews, linkedin, etc.). Great way for you to get your foot in the door for internship experience!

Image by airfocus


Team leader: Alan Purves

If you have basically a sixth sense when it comes to reading people, you're naturally going to be attracted to this team. As a marketing member, you will answer the questions: "Who are we?" and "Who are they?" You will build upon the club's reputation and identity, create the brand image for BFF, put together growth campaigns, and assemble an entire marketing plan. If you're looking for direct experience in marketing to put on your resume, start here!

Image by Cytonn Photography


Team Leader: Caleb Troll

As a member of this team, you will secure a year-long financial partnership for BFF...why? The richer you are, the more cool things you can do! You'll ideate ways to add more value to our business relationships and deliver pitches to potential sponsors. You will be part of the team that decides which company will be our final club sponsor. If public speaking doesn't really scare you, or if you're looking for more practice, this team is made for you!

Image by Balázs Kétyi


Team leader: Liana Givner

You naturally know what's in style and what looks good, balanced, and trendy. As a creative BFF, this space is a collaborative studio within the club. There is no idea too bold, no color too bright. In today’s oversaturated content environment, only bold ideas are what’s seen, and we need your ideas and artistic vision to inspire our BFF image online, on social media, and in our merch!